deep dive into some of the charts I use to give insight into whether Altcoin season is soon to come. I also give a few setups/entries for many of the altcoins I am looking at.

Time Stamp

0:00 Intro
1:50 Bitcoin Dominance
5:50 Altcoin Season Index
6:50 Bitcoin Severely Overbought
8:50 Altcoin Trade Setups
9:20 Etherium
9:41 Uniswap
10:20 BAT
10:27 XLM
10:36 REN
10:50 LINK
11:02 ZRX
11:10 LRC – LoopRing
11:22 Algorand
11:38 Synthetix SNX
11:49 Polkadot
12:12 Principles of my technical analysis
14:20 XRP
14:50 EOS

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