Today we dive into how to use a server power supply (PSU) to power a mining rig. We do a quick discussion on why it is a great idea to augment your standard ATX power supply with a 2nd Server PSU. We show a quick demonstration on how to setup and connect.

Where to buy:
HP 750 Server PSU w/breakout board and Wires:
Breakout board and wires:
ZSX breakout board (All in one to power 24pin, cpu, molex, and 6 pin pcie)

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0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Let’s Talk Server Power supplies
1:30 – Pros and cons to use Server PSU
2:26 – HP 750w and 1200w Server PSU
3:35 – Setup: How to connect
4:40 – Power up GPUs and Risers
6:41 – Build evenly
7:41 – Select correct Breakout Board
7:54 – Where to buy
8:13 – Tips and Tricks
9:14 – Do not use sata to power risers
10:28 – HP Server PSU input output specs
11:26 – Power Button selection
12:20 – Outro + Thanks

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