I decided to put one of my old Bitcoin miners back to work this winter, and thought I’d invite you to come along for the ride! The tiny home is completely off the grid and uses solar panels and batteries for power. Since it doesn’t get much use in the winter, and since I have to use the wood burning stove to heat it up whenever I want to use it, I figured running a Bitcoin miner out here would be a win win, producing both heat and money that I would not otherwise have.

The Bitcoin miner is an Antminer S5. I purchased it used several years ago on ebay, and ran it enough to pay for my initial investment, which I think was a few hundred dollars.

The difficult rate changes (usually going up) with Bitcoin, but I currently estimate this Bitcoin miner should produce between $5 – $10 per month. It does about 1 TH.

#bitcoinmining #solarpower #offgrid