Friday News

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Biden tax scare – nothing is set in stone
Over-taxing success is un-American
Taxing Capital Gains kills Capitalism
Politicians are funded by Wall St
Biden was funded by HNW individuals
Proposal is top tax rate 39.6% from 37% – no biggie
Capital-gains tax is real scare – 20% to 39.6% or even 43.4% for Those earning more than $1M
SALT CAP needs to be repealed
Tax Update

SPX – 4500?


BTC now 17% higher than March 1st

BTC Breathing After 6 Month Hike

Now they are
Less Frequent
Max Drawdown this week was only 26%
Bitcoin Drawdowns Are Normal Except…

Means those that jumped in over last 155 days – more than half are now under water
It also signals a strong buy signal
Institutions are jumping in.
SOPR (spent output profit ratio) Update – hitting 1.0

ETH:BTC Ratio Close to .05
Market Top?
Or just pure fact that ETH is undervalued?

Struggle is real
Huge BTC bull
But feels ETH could be even bigger
Lots of talk of Flippening
ETH vs BTC – Raoul Pal

Galaxy Digital Winning the ETH ETF Battle

IA Entry was about CA$ 16
28CAD seems like a good entry now
Unicorn stable is powerful
Speaking of Galaxy Digital

Thodex has a score of 0.9 out of a possible 10 points.
Binance 9.7
Coinbase Pro 8.6
Huobi Global 8.6
DYOR – Check Your Exchange Score

He got crushed during financial crisis after an incredible career
But Bitcoin has saved his Bacon
Oh and AMZN too
Bill Miller Coming Back

My BTC Thesis is scarcity
Burning is the trend ETH, BNB, etc
Ripple has 47.8 billion XRP left in escrow and can dump when they want.
Ripple XRP Scarce?? Nope