Price: $569.04
(as of Jul 25,2021 21:50:40 UTC – Details)

Name: Open-pit mining frame box

✔ 6 8 10 GPU enhancements
✔ Support dual power supply
✔ Support ATX/MATX motherboard
✔ Support standard 12CM computer fan
✔ Support single or dual PSU hosting, hard drive, PSU installation kit

● Brand new and high quality.
●All installation positions correspond to specific positioning holes and are easy to install.
●Through this open-air design, the video card can be kept super cool. There is enough space between the cards to allow airflow through.
●Can be stacked, can be stacked firmly, easy to move, and leave enough space for equipment maintenance.
●Sturdy aluminum structure, sturdy and durable, can be added repeatedly, can completely protect GPU and electronic equipment.
●Professional miner team design accelerates the air convection, enhances the heat dissipation effect, and prolongs the service life of the graphics card.
●The wide-body heat dissipation design greatly increases the distance between the graphics cards, ensures a good heat dissipation effect, and is easy to install and maintain.

The product is only a frame and does not include fans or other CPUs, GPUs, PSUs, motherboards, cables.
Keep all cables clean and orderly, and everything in the mining machine
Made of the highest quality iron material with the best craftsmanship
Beautiful and elegant, it can keep the machine in perfect organization while keeping as little heat as possible.
Can be stacked with fan bracket. It is easy to move and reserves enough space for equipment maintenance.