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Product Detail
· Input Interface: PCI Express X1 slot golden fingers-For stable and fast data transform.
· Output Interface: PCI Express X16 slot-Communicate with PCIE X16 GPUs.
· Data Transmission: Fully shielded USB 3.0 extension cable-Super fast 5Gbps data speed, few data loss.
· Flexible Placement: 60cm/23.6in USB extension cable-More chance to place more GPUs on the open miner rigs.

Why choose this?
This PCI Express GPU riser Equipped with 3 Solid Capacitors,1*power management chipset and 1*voltage stable inductance protect add-on GPUs away from overcurrent, overvoltage or overheat. Enjoy safe and stable GPU connection, mining more coins.

Package Include
6* PCI-E riser X16 Slot Board
6* PCI-E X1 Golden Fingers
6* USB 3.0 Extension Cable

High-performance PCIE Riser: This high-performance PCI-E riser can expand the motherboard PCIE X1 slot to PCIE X16 slot. It will provide safe and reliable connections with more PCIE X16 graphics cards. It will be mainly used for Ethereum mining equipment or GPU mining equipment.
The safety and Stability You Want: This GPU riser is equipped with 3 solid capacitors, which are a reliable source of safe and stable power. They can perfectly prevent overheating and overvoltage and provide reliable protection for power transmission.
More choices: This PCIE riser 1x 16x have Molex, SATA and graphics card 6PIN interface are optional power supplies, it provides power independent of graphics card, strengthens power supply, completely solves the problem of insufficient power supply capacity and burns the line, and reduces the use of more graphics The main board burden when the card is stuck. Suitable for all Window systems, LINUX and MAC
Upgrade design: This mining PCIE riser has 24inches (60cm) USB 3.0 cable, the cable with shielded net inside is more stable for mining, PCI-E 1x to 16x power supply riser card adapter card with multi-layer shielded cable will not weaken the signal within 3 meters. And the PCI-E link head is gold-plated, which is wear-resistant and more conductive and stable; and is designed with a fixed buckle, which is convenient to disassemble and fix the graphics card.
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