Price: $849.99
(as of Jun 22,2021 03:41:55 UTC – Details)

GPU Port Gap: the port gap between GPUs is 65mm, you can put 8pcs GPUs on the motherboard at the same time if your GPU thickness is less than 34mm, otherwise you will just put only less than 4pcs GPUs on the motherboard at the same time. Please know It may make too much noise about 70 decibels when the machine is working, the noise is mainly from the cooler fans, if you mind this, we don’t recommend you buy it
Low comsuption: the gpu mining rigs system comsuption is less than 150watt. Good cooling: 4pcs cooling fan to make sure very good cooling, Case Size: 75*54*30cm, 4* Cooling Fan
The GPU slot spacing of this product is 65MM, and the thickness of your graphics card should not exceed 65MM to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the graphics card
Cryptocurrency mining equipment, including: motherboard, Inte B85 LGA1150 CPU , 128GB SSD, 4G RAM, 4* 6000 rpm cooling fan;1*1800W/2400W PSU
This is a BTC mining rig system. If some parts are damaged or if the effect is not received, please contact us! We provide after-sales service, but based on the actual situation, the freight is too high. You can purchase replacement parts or repairs locally, we will repay your cost!